Why use Nidulus?

Looking to cut cost on the development of your IT systems while at the same time shortening your time to delivery?

Nidulus is specifically designed to:

  • eliminate the need for expensive system architects
  • eliminate the need for hosting a DevOps team
  • produce more in less time with less developers, when building easy or complex IT solutions
  • keeping hardware costs down by being performant even on low-end hardware
  • easy onboarding of new developers to the platform

What is Nidulus?

Nidulus is a complete software platform solution to build, monitor and manage a ServiceMesh network based on Node.js

How to use Nidulus?

To start using Nidulus you just have to spin up the nidulus platform and start creating APIs and features, or integrate easily your existing systems with new APIs. Do not forget to read our documentation

Nidulus support the usage of your favorite Node.js libraries found in the npmjs repositories. Whether you want to use TensorFlow for machine learning, talk to your SAP systems, or you want to utilize your GPUs for calculations with gpu.js, it is fully doable.

Provided out of the box functionality include:

  • Creating a new API takes just seconds
  • Updating an API takes just seconds
  • Hot-deploy of new Node.js services without downtime or affecting other services or APIs
  • Upgrade of existing services without downtime or affecting other services or APIs
  • Instance scaling of APIs and services
  • Intelligent network scaling of services (see documentation)
  • On-server sandboxing of APIs and services
  • Automatic service discovery between the machines on your network
  • Automatic healthchecks and "always alive" functionality for APIs and services
  • Always encrypted communication between API-to-services, and between service-to-service communication
  • Memory amount management for each service
  • Rotating log functionality for each service
  • Restrictions of log level for each service separetly
  • Easy backup of full state of a machines nidulus configuration (see documentation)
  • Extreme optimization of each design decision made for the platform
  • A REST API for managing/deploying/monitoring/updating your APIs and services
  • An easy web client to manage not just one, but all of your machines running Nidulus
  • Great project support from the team behind Nidulus
  • And more ...

Runs everywhere

Nidulus is deployable to any Linux cloud, barebone Linux server, and embedded Linux device. Remote deploy and management of APIs and features on any machine have never been easier to achieve.

Download the Platform

Nidulus Platform 2.0.6 (64-bit)
Tested on CentOS 6 + 7, Fedora 28, openSUSE
Leap 15.0 and Ubuntu Server 16.04 + 18.04

Firewall configuration


  • 1 Api / 3 Features
  • Unlimited Time
Nidulus Web Client 2.0.1 (64-bit)


SDK 2.1.3 (64-bit)

Software Development Kit

Enterprise License

Per agreement

  • Agreed Apis
  • Agreed Features
  • 1 Year
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Non-Profit Opensource Projects

We support you

  • Unlimited Apis
  • Unlimited Features
  • Unlimited Time
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Nidulus ARM 2.0.6 (64-bit)

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With so many variants of ARM systems, we decided not to provide a generic version. We rather build and test it ON your hardware, on the Linux distribution you will be running. It must support Node.js 8.

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