How We Help You To Develop Your New Software Solution

We are Unique, rather than following the mainstream within IT by creating complex software to solve simple problems, we choose to create easy software to solve complex problems.


We specialize in taking complex problems and creating simple solutions while keeping it scalable, modular, secure and stable.

Server-side software, web frontend, mobile apps or data processing

We do it all, with many years of experience from a vast amount of different areas and businesses.

Expert Consultation

You can ask to use us to exchange ideas, regardless
if you wish for us to make the implementation, or
do it on your own.


Focusing On What Matters Most

Nidulus was founded by a group of dedicated developers in January 2018 who wanted to provide an architecture for deploying APIs and managing feature changes in an easy and cost-efficient way, without downtime.

In our quest of simplifying truly complex infrastructures, we found ourselves wanting to simplify everything we came across. Humanity tends to create complex systems, and that is not only in our society but also when it comes to anything IT related. The shortest road to a goal is usually the best ones, and yet so many companies, be it large conglomerates or startups, tend to overcomplicate their products already during the planning of them.

It is our mission to retake the beauty of simplicity, both in production and in usage. Nidulus does not shy away from any area of IT, be it in Lifescience, sports, online services for small businesses, private projects, or consulting with other groups to create great products.

A bit of Trivia about the Nidulus group: We are picky, very picky, about what we put our effort on. We love to create, but also to have a chance of making a difference in peoples lives. So projects we feel will make a difference are the ones we will pour our hearts into.

Nidulus goals

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To take your development from complex to simpler while you focus on your business, simply reach out. Use the modern mail ( snail mail is so yesterday ), or reach out to us on Linkedin. If you are one of the really daring ones, tweet us and let the world know you find us awesome enough to work with.

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