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Our goal is to help you start with or transition to microservices easy and efficiently. We give you the tools to reduce your time to delivery and time to market significantly. Solve bottlenecks in your project management process with our agile software architecture.

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Nidulus Platform in Tasty bites

An awesome platform for you to build your next-gen microservice backends in.

  • Microservices

    True microservice architecture, developed for you to use. Nidulus services are fast, lightweight, and scalable across machines. Never end up not having enough hardware for the traffic your API receives. Just add a new machine to your cluster.

  • Re-Usable

    Deploy a swarm of services and share between projects. Several APIs can connect to the same service, without any service-configuration or brokers.

  • Runs in the Cloud

    Deployable to the cloud and on-premise. Nidulus is packaged as an OVF image.

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50GB storage, 4 cpu-cores, 6Gb RAM

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