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We present to you the fastest and most complete MESH-clustered microservice platform available. For the cloud and on-premise. Nidulus takes care of the entire chain in the process to get there, from development, offline testing, deployment, API for continuous integration deliveries, and monitoring of your services health. It is not just another framework, that requires you to do all the work. Nidulus is a complete solution that lets you start implementing and deploying your services today.

To try our Demo version simple follow the link. Login with following credentials:
Login name: demouser | Password: password123

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SenseTele Showcase

Meet SenseTele, our General Telematics system built upon Nidulus.
SenseTele is a work in progress, and as such there are unfinished features, missing features, and maybe even some hardcoded value somewhere.

The version deployed for demo might not be the latest version, and all data is dummy-data and might change at any time, as the developers please.

Each angular widget communicates with its own Nidulus service and can thus be updated without interrupting/bringing down the entire system.

The services work towards ScyllaDB/Cassandra for a DB layer just as clustered as the Nidulus backend is. Clustered backend and clustered database is all part of the design to never end up not having enough performance/space/hardware.

The showcase might or might not get updated to later state. It might or might not work correctly, depending if underlying services get updated but not the showcase.

Currently the report page is mostly hardcoded and static.

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