Our goal

Our goal is to help you start with or transition to faster API creation, backed by lightweight scalable features, easy and cost-efficiently. We give you the tools and knowledge to reduce your time to delivery and time to market significantly, with a decreased team of developers, as well as lowering the cost for required server hardware to host your APIs. Solve bottlenecks in your project management process with our agile software architecture and expertise.

The company

Nidulus was founded by a group of dedicated developers in January 2018 who wanted to provide an architecture for deploying APIs and managing feature changes in an easy and cost-efficient way, without downtime.

The work on the Nidulus platform began back in december of 2016 and have been improved upon ever since. It was based on previous proof of concept work from 2015 and is a mixture between deep knowledge of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) platforms and more modern microservice techniques.

The road ahead

The future aim of Nidulus is to continue improving on and adding to the core architecture as well as expand on further customer oriented implementation projects. Every architectural decision has been tested and benchmarked towards other similar solutions, designs and libraries. Performance will continue to be a high priority, while keeping the platform easy to use.